Day 82(Project-3): Hosting a Static Website on AWS S3 🌐


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Day 82(Project-3): Hosting a Static Website on AWS S3 🌐

Hey there, folks! Today, I'm thrilled to share with you an exciting project I recently worked on - hosting a static website using Amazon S3 buckets. It's been an enlightening journey, so let me walk you through the details!

Project Description πŸ“

So, what's the scoop? This project revolves around utilizing AWS S3, a robust storage service, to host a static website. Here's a quick breakdown:

  1. AWS S3 Bucket: We leveraged Amazon S3's object storage service, perfect for hosting static websites hassle-free.

  2. AWS Route53: Amazon's reliable DNS service played a crucial role in managing domain names and routing traffic to our website.

Implementation πŸ› οΈ

Now, let's dive into how we brought this project to life:

1. S3 Bucket Creation: We kicked things off by creating a specialized S3 bucket tailored for website hosting. With public access settings configured, our website became easily accessible.

2. Code Upload: Next up, we uploaded our website's codebase - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, you name it - to the designated S3 bucket. This ensured all necessary files were securely stored within AWS infrastructure.

3. Static Website Hosting: Harnessing S3's "Static Website Hosting" feature, setup and deployment became a breeze. Enabling this feature meant our S3 bucket automatically served website content to visitors.

4. Access Configuration: We fine-tuned access controls by tweaking the "Bucket Policy." This meticulous crafting ensured proper permissions for stored objects while maintaining top-notch security.

5. Website Link Generation: Upon successful configuration, a unique and accessible link to our static website was automatically generated. This link served as the gateway for visitors to explore our deployed website.

6. Domain Connection with Route53: To add that professional touch, we seamlessly connected our deployed static website to a custom domain using AWS Route53. This integration elevated our web presence and brand identity.

Wrapping Up πŸŽ‰

And there you have it - hosting a static website on AWS S3 in a nutshell! By following these implementation steps, you too can deploy your static website efficiently and effortlessly. For more insightful content and tech updates, don't hesitate to connect/follow!

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